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Mesin pemasang accesories hiasan seperti mutiara, metal stud di produk garments seperti Pakaian Wanita, Pakaian anak-anak , T - shirt, Label , Jeans , Sabuk , Topi, Tas wanita, sepatu dan lain-lain.
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This half pearl setting machine is to set any available size of half pearls with claw rivet onto fabric as this model equipped with convenience setting devices.

1. Specifications

a. Setting Type Auto Feeding and Shooter

b. Working stand Protrusion type

c. Working stand height 76cm

d. Upper mold moving height 40mm

e. Feeder Auto Multi feeder (Vibrating feeder)

f. Rate current AC220V/0.1A

g. Noise level 87dB

h. Power 1 phase, AC 110/220V, 60Hz/50Hz

i. Air pressure 5~6kg/? /80PSI

j. Molders option(different from the sizes and shapes)

1)Molders' sizes: 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm

2)Molders' types square, cone, pyramid and half circle(semi circle)

m. weight(kg) shipping weight(100kg)/ 80Kg/net

2. Features

a. Rivet pins and half pearls support by the vibrator

b. Rail control are very comfortable by the control bolt

c. Mold can be changed easily and very simple.

3. Patents: 10-2011-0064589/ 10-2011-0064576/ 10-2011-0064581

4. Applications: Jeans, bag, shoes, embroidery, hats, boots, sneakers, belts, Accessories …etc.

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