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Mesin pemasang hiasan dekorasi / crystal / mote untuk assesories garment.


Mesin pemasang accesories hiasan seperti mutiara, metal stud di produk garments seperti Pakaian Wanita, Pakaian anak-anak , T - shirt, Label , Jeans , Sabuk , Topi, Tas wanita, sepatu dan lain-lain.
This half pearl setting machine is to set any available size of half pearls with claw rivet onto fabric as this model equipped with convenience setting devices.

1. Specifications

a. Setting Type Auto Feeding and Shooter

b. Working stand Protrusion type

c. Working stand height 76cm

d. Upper mold moving height 40mm

e. Feeder Auto Multi feeder (Vibrating feeder)

f. Rate current AC220V/0.1A

g. Noise level 87dB

h. Power 1 phase, AC 110/220V, 60Hz/50Hz

i. Air pressure 5~6kg/? /80PSI

j. Molders option(different from the sizes and shapes)

1)Molders' sizes: 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm

2)Molders' types square, cone, pyramid and half circle(semi circle)

m. weight(kg) shipping weight(100kg)/ 80Kg/net

2. Features

a. Rivet pins and half pearls support by the vibrator

b. Rail control are very comfortable by the control bolt

c. Mold can be changed easily and very simple.

3. Patents: 10-2011-0064589/ 10-2011-0064576/ 10-2011-0064581

4. Applications: Jeans, bag, shoes, embroidery, hats, boots, sneakers, belts, Accessories …etc.

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Metal Studs Setting Machine - NS110

Mesin pemasang accesories hiasan dengan cakar keling (claw rivet) di produk garments seperti Pakaian Wanita, Pakaian anak-anak , T - shirt, Label , Jeans , Sabuk , Topi, Tas wanita, sepatu dan lain-lain.

Metal Studs Setting Machine - NS110Detail Produk
Multiple metal stud setting machine NS-110

Setting type:
Auto feeding and shooting by mold

Working stand:
Protrusion type(optional-demountable working plate)

Holder moving height: 40mm

Feeder: Auto multi feeder(vibration feeder)

Noise level: 87dB

Electricity: 1 Phase, 110/220V ac, 60/50Hz

Compressed air: 5.5kg/cm3/ 80PSI

Weight: 80kg/set

Volumn: 0.564CBM

Mold: option(additional charge)

Setting Molds for metal-studs sizes :

Round ø2.3 - ø3.0 - ø4.0 - ø5.5 - ø6.3 - ø8.0 - ø9.0 - ø10 - ø12

Square(mm) 5.5*5.5 - 7*7 - 9*9 - 10*10 - 13*13

- Applications for various sizes of metal-studs might be completed in one machine when mold changed

- No scratching in back side of fabric due to perfect/ tight setting

- Easy operation & easy mold-substitution even though beginner.

- No operation error.

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Mesin Pemasang Mote-mote / Berlian Imitasi (Ultrasonic Rhinestone Machine)

Mesin pemasang mote-mote / batu perhiasan ( rhinestone ) pada produk garment seperti untuk hiasan pada pakaian wanita, kaftan, wedding dress, pakaian dalam, pakaian anak, chiffon, jeans, sweater, kaos, sepatu wanita, dll.
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Mesin Pemasang Mote-mote / Berlian Imitasi (Ultrasonic Rhinestone Machine)Detail Produk
Operation Mechanism
The control mechanism can make the machine fix rhinestones on the material by using
Power Transducer, Ultrasonic generator and Vacuum generator. Positioning the red/ infrared light
spot on the right point manually, ultrasonic will come out automatically and produces a high
frequency vibration over the rhinestones and then is transformed to the heat energy instantly.
Therefore the rhinestone is fixed on the material surface permanently.
Main Features:
1. Humanized large screen Chinese/English display
2. Safe operation, no damaging to the material
3. FESTO Piston and rotary cylinder made in Germany
4. Vacuum generator from Japan
5. Air Filters from Korea
6. Accurate infrared positioning
7. Heating system: Ultrasonic without press again
8. Environment protection and noiseless; Low power consumption, smaller size
9. High efficient production with 24 hours operation
10. Suitable for both thin & thick fabrics.
11. Instruction book: Chinese, English, Arabic
Technical Data:
1. Speed: 130-150 pcs/min (more than 5 workers with manual way)
2. Power Supply : 220V / 50HZ, 110V/60HZ
3. Gas power: 0.3-0.5MPA
4. Air Pressure : 5-6kg/cm
5. Ultrasonic Power: 200W
6. Ultrasonic Frequency : 28KHz
7. Static Capacitance: 2300-2700PF
8. Diameter of compression nozzle: 2 – 6.5mm
9. Double head table size: 1100*800mm, single head:400*350mm
10. Double head :Gross/Net Weight : 80KG /65K; Single head: Gross/Net Weight:65KG/50KG
11. Double head machine size: 0.84*1.03*1.1m; Single head machine size:0.6*0.6*1.05m
12. Color available: blue & green & white available
13. Warranty: electricity system parts for 1 year ,air system half year
14. Carton / wooden packing with desiccant material. Wooden is under Fumigation, ventilation
15. Delivery: within 15 working days for 5 sets after receiving the payment
16. MOQ: 1 set
Applicable materials: Women’s Wear, Underwear, Children Wear, Chiffon, Velour, Jean,
Knitted Sweater, Leather,
Stone diameter available: Size 6-30 Glass Octagon Stone, Aluminum Octagon Stone, Round
Aluminum Stone & Plastic Piece with Adhesive.

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